For the last few months, you've probably encountered construction when eastbound on Highway 50 on Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction, Colorado. What are they building?

Ongoing construction has affected traffic right next to the new auto parts store on the southeast corner of 27 Road and Highway 50. This construction had nothing to do with the new business.

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Much Needed Improvement At Intersection On Orchard Mesa

As of today, Wednesday, November 2, 2022, it appears as though they are putting the final touches on a much-needed improvement to the intersection at 27 Road and Highway 50.

Right Turn, Clyde

Behold, the new right turn lane leading from northbound 27 Road to eastbound Highway 50.

27 Road and Highway 50 Grand Junction 3
Waylon Jordan

This Is News?

You're probably thinking, "Man, it must be a slow news day." Well, this really is a significant improvement to the intersection. Speaking as someone who has driven through this intersection at least once a day for the last 39 years, I can tell you, this is a dream come true.

27 Road and Highway 50 Grand Junction 1
Waylon Jordan

Why Was This Needed?

It was needed for a couple of reasons. First, northbound 27 Road is only one lane at this point, meaning traffic heading straight, turning right, and turning left, all have to share a lane at this busy intersection. Back in 1983, this wasn't a big deal. Since then, several homes have been added in the Spyglass Ridge and Sierra Vista areas, adding to the traffic.

27 Road and Highway 50 Grand Junction 2
Waylon Jordan

Secondly, the right turn from 27 Road onto eastbound Highway 50 is anything but a 90-degree angle. I'm not about to fire up my protractor, but that looks to be about a 125-degree turn. Take a look.

27 Road and Highway 50 Grand Junction map
Google Maps / Canva

It's not a space shuttle launch, but it's still cool. In addition to the new services on Orchard Mesa, such as the relocated Subway, the new Taco Bell, and the new auto parts store, we now have this.

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