2,000 Senior citizens were asked, "If you could travel back in time, what decade would you choose to experience again." Roughly 32% said they would relive their 30s and

25% of seniors said they would go back to their 20s and do it all over again. The Centennial State can brag about its rich history and the many events that changed Colorado forever.

Here are just a few... Good, Bad, and the Ugly.

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Alferd Packer the infamous Colorado Cannibal

Back in the early 1870s, there were a group of six men, including a gentleman name Alferd who was searching for gold in Colorado when winter arrived in the San Juan Mountains and heavy snow started to fall. The group began to run low on food and tensions became high. Alferd Packer confessed to eating human remains to survive the Colorado winter and was eventually sentenced to 40 years in Canon City’s State Penitentiary. He was released after serving 15 years and moved to Denver where he died in 1907. He would spend the rest of his years trying to clear his name.

The remains of medieval warrior on the battlefield in autumn. Real human skull on nature grass field. Gothic background
Getty Images/iStockphoto
The remains of medieval warrior on the battlefield in the autumn. Real human skull on a nature grass field. Gothic background.

Eisenhower Tunnel Opens

The idea to build such a tunnel went as far back as 1867 when William Loveland thought up this revolutionary idea to bore thru the mountain. but instead, the road now known as Loveland Pass was built. It wasn't until the 1950s that the idea resurfaced. Upon opening, on March, 8th 1973, it became the highest-elevation tunnel in the world.

Eisenhower Tunnel, I-70 Colorado
Getty Images/iStockphoto
Eisenhower Tunnel, I-70 Colorado

Beatles Live at Red Rocks

Beatles Are Back
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The Beatles made their mark on the Ed Sullivan show back in 1964. They also made their mark for the first time in Colorado. It took place in front of a crowd of 7,000 people at Red Rocks Amphitheater (which surprisingly was not a sell-out)  The Beatles were on the road supporting their 1964 Summer tour thru Canada and the US.

University of Colorado National Championship

Washington State v Colorado
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CU Football

CU was one of many colleges that had struggled over the years. that was until 1990. The Colorado Buffaloes were led by head coach Bill McCartney from 1982-1994.

Their Championship run began when they dedicated the season to QB1 Sal Aunese. The BUFFS finished up 11–0 in the regular season but lost to Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl. The Buffaloes did win their Bowl rematch against The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, earning their only national championship. The title was split with Georgia Tech. GT would go on to win the Coaches Poll, Colorado won the AP poll.

Pike's Peak Gold Rush

Surging Gold Prices Spurs Interest In Gold Prospecting
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which began in July 1858 and lasted until Colorado became a Territory back in 1861. Roughly over 100,000 folk in search of Gold took part in one of the biggest Gold Rush events in USA History. Unlike The California Gold Rush back in 1849, These Gold Rushers at Pikes Peak were known as the 59'ers after 1859.

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