Can you recall your childhood crush? When we were kids in Grand Junction, Colorado, who made our little hearts go pitter-patter? Ladies, did you have the hots for David Cassidy? Gents, did you have a thing for Phoebe Cates? I don't think anyone would dock you any points if you did.

I asked on Facebook, "Who was your childhood actor/actress crush? These engagement questions are always fun, you consistently come back with fun answers. Here's a look at your childhood heartthrobs.

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Why Do We Have Childoon Crushes?

According to my mother, I was deeply in love with Minnie Mouse sometime circa 1972. I don't seem to remember this. Even if I did remember, I wouldn't admit it.

Why do little children develop crushes? Psychology Today reports:

As early as childhood we might seek out in a relationship exactly what we need for ourselves at the time. Perhaps that is simply the way we are built. Thus, exploring the infatuations of children can help them to recognize what they might need for themselves.

Okay, I'm now deeply concerned about this Minnie Mouse thing. Psychology Today adds, "Most often a child will desire to have the kind of love and admiration for themselves that they have for the object of their infatuation." With that, I'm now really worried about this Minnie Mouse infatuation.

Common Themes Out of Grand Junction Colorado

Gentlemen, in your next life you need to come back as Scott Baio. This dude has got it going on. Check out the gallery below and you'll see his name comes up more than a few times. Personally, I always thought he was kind of weird.

This Gallery Is Fun

For the record, when building these posts, your comments are copied and pasted exactly as they appeared in your replies. With that, while the answer of Roseanne Barr is undoubtedly bogus, it still made its way to the gallery.

Our Childhood Celebrity Crushes In Grand Junction Colorado

It's safe to say that most if not all of us experienced some kind of celebrity crush at one point or another during our youth. Perhaps it was an actor or actress. Then again, maybe it was a musical artist.

I asked on Facebook, "Who was your childhood actor/actress crush?" For this gallery, your replies were copied and pasted, appearing here exactly as they looked in your replies.

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