I've been to Elk Mountain Resort off Dave Wood Road a few times now. It's a great getaway for the night or for a day trip if you live on the Western Slope of Colorado.

The rooms are great, and nice pond to the left of the Resort as well. As you drive up Dave Wood Road it's so relaxing. You can feel the stress melt away, as you approach the resort.

The resort has a great restaurant as well. With a full bar, and awesome food. From upscale barbeque, sandwiches, salads, and beyond. I was there Memorial weekend, and they had live music. Which they do in the summer months. Plenty of walking areas, too.

Memorial Day is around the corner, and all those long summer nights too. Why not take a drive to Elk Mountain Resort and have dinner, or how about a weekend getaway? Just 40 minutes from Montrose. Check out their website at elkmountainresort.com.

Elk Mountain Resort On The Western Slope of Colorado

Check out Elk Mountain Resort

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