Have you ever sat at a red light waiting for it to turn green, and the person in front of you is just sitting there, all you picture is them filing their nails. That may sound silly but hit the gas pedal already.

What drives you crazy at a red light?

When someone is texting, or not just not paying attention.

Do you turn if there is a sign posted, no turn on red?

You are not supposed to. I've seen it happen many times.

Does it make you nervous when another driver is too close to your bumper?

It feels like they are invading your space. You don't need to be that close to another car at a red light.

On another note, when a light turns yellow and you come into oncoming traffic trying to turn, it's best to stay back. It's not worth an accident because you may be running late. I ask myself why are we in such a hurry. Living in the small town of Montrose, there is no reason to be.

Be polite and careful on the roadways. Here's a list of other things to consider if you are at a red light. And if an emergency vehicle is behind you, please pull over.

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