If you spend enough time in any one place, you're bound to pick up on some of the words and phrases that are unique to that area. Different places have different lingo, nicknames for things, and inside jokes that can easily identify whether you're a local or a tourist.

It should go without saying, that Colorado is no different. The shape of the state may be a square, but the people who live here are quite the opposite.

Colorado Phrases that Would Stump Out-of-Towners

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Some of the phrases unique to locals that might have out-of-towners scratching their heads deal with geographical locations. Some of these places around the state that fall into this category include A-Basin, FoCo, Five Points, and East Colfax. Each one of these means quite a bit when spoken to a Coloradan, but to anyone else they likely don't mean much at all.

In addition, many of the phrases unique to Colorado are just nicknames of things. These include things like The Donkeys, Pow, and Blucifer.

There are, of course, not-so-flattering names for things in Colorado that only locals would know about including, at times, the aforementioned Donkeys, but also Spun Junction, River Rats, and Trustafarians.

Finally, there are just certain things that only people who have been around Colorado for a while know about. These things include The Blake Street Bombers, the music venue simply known as "Fiddler's," and of course, Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Take a look at 30 phrases unique to Colorado that would likely stump any out-of-towner:

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