Looking for one of the best spots to view Colorado's Grand Valley? Head up the Grand Mesa to the incredibly scenic Land O Lakes Overlook for a photo opportunity you will not regret.

Several of the mountain lakes on the Grand Mesa can be viewed from the Land O Lakes Overlook, in addition to many of the Grand Valley's landmarks like Mount Garfield and the Colorado National Monument.

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Where is Western Colorado's Land O Lakes Overlook?

The Land O Lakes Overlook on the Grand Mesa is easy to find. Take the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway up past Mesa Lakes and the Mesa Lakes Lodge. The turn-off for the overlook will be on the right. If you come up to Grand Mesa Lodge you went too far. The drive from Grand Junction is about 50 miles and will take about 60 minutes of drive time.

What is the Elevation at Land O Lakes Overlook

The Land O Lakes Overlook sits at an elevation of 10.826 feet. The parking area is at 10,749 feet but the hike to the top is a short one over a paved path all the way to the top. Signs along the way explain the glacial construction of the lakes and reservoirs on display below. See a video of the overlook here.

Can You See for 100 Miles in Any Direction?

The Land O Lakes overlook is a great place to enjoy views facing north, west, and south from the Grand Mesa. On a sunny day, the view from the Grand Mesa goes on for 100 miles. From the overlook, there are several mountain peaks visible on the horizon in several directions.

See Grand Junction from Colorado's Amazing Land O Lakes Overlook

Some say the Land O Lakes Overlook is one of the best views of the Grand Valley you can find anywhere on the Grand Mesa. Scroll through the photos below to find your way to the overlook and decide for yourself.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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