November in Grand Junction is usually not a big month for snow. We average around two days of snowfall for the month and usually pick up about 2 inches for the 30-day period.

Sometimes, mother nature has different plans. Below, we are looking at the top 10 snowiest Thanksgiving holidays on record in Grand Junction. See which years it snowed, and how much snow was on the ground while we huddled inside around our turkey.

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Does It Snow in Grand Junction on Thanksgiving?

Grand Junction is usually snow-free on Thanksgiving but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened, or that we won't see flurries from time to time. Grand Junction has seen one major winter blizzard blow through on Thanksgiving. The stats from that record-setting storm in 1919 are on display in the photos below.

Grand Junction's Coldest Thanksgiving on Record

How would you like to wake up to single digits in Grand Junction on Thanksgiving? This happened one year and people still remember it. It was the only Thanksgiving to date when the daytime high only made it up to 4 degrees. We've included this event in the photos below. Scroll on to also see the warmest Thanksgiving on record in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction's Snowiest Thanksgivings

Grand Junction's snowiest Thanksgiving of all time included a blizzard that brought 14 inches of snow down on us for the holiday. This was a one-time occurrence. Thankfully, many of the Thanksgiving holidays in Grand Junction are snow-free. Keep going to check out the top 10 snowiest Thanksgiving days on record here in western Colorado.

Grand Junction Colorado's Top 10 Snowiest Thanksgiving Holidays

Snow is not all that common on Thanksgiving in Grand Junction but it has been known to happen. Check out 10 times Grand Junction was on the recieving end of snowfall during the Thanksgiving holiday in the photo gallery below. We'll also look at records for the coldest and warmest Thanksgiving in Grand Junction.

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