If you could add a store, a restaurant, or an entertainment feature to Grand Junction, Colorado, what would it be? What is something that is missing here in 2023 that would help make the Grand Valley an even greater place to live?

We asked you to help us with some ideas. Can you think of something that isn't here in Grand Junction that should be? We heard from around the valley and included the suggestions below.

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So What's Missing in Grand Junction, Colorado?

We usually get a healthy dose of 'Rec Center' shoutouts when asking this question and we love that. Be sure to take action during the spring election when given the chance to vote for it.

Other things missing in Grand Junction that we will explore below include requests for a Zoo, a theme park, a lazy river, additional requests for several new chain grocery stores,

How Long Has It Been Since Grand Junction Had A Zoo?

From about the 1930s until 1969, Grand Junction's Zoo was located at Lincoln Park. It was home to Leo the Lion and while the public enjoyed this feature the Zoo is not remembered as the greatest habitat for some of the animals. A Photo of the old Zoo can be found here.

Has Grand Junction had a Theme Park?

According to the FB group Historic Photos of Western Colorado, Guyton's Fun Junction was the place to be in Western Colorado from 1954 to 2006. In 2023, the closest thing to a theme park would probably be Bananas. They offer mini-golf, go-carts, arcade games, bumper boats, and lots more. It's not a theme park, but it's a super fun place to spend an afternoon.

Would you bring back a theme park? Check out what others had to say below.

We Asked You What Is Missing in Grand Junction in 2023

Western Colorado is home to several must-see towns and destinations, but we certainly don't have everything. We recently asked you to tell us something you think is missing in Grand Junction or the Western Slope. The top answers below give us lots of inspiration for the year ahead.

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