It's easy to think about all the things you love about living in Colorado. Is it just as easy to come up with a few things you don't like about it? I hope your list of the things you love about Grand Junction is far longer than the list of things you don't care for.

We asked you to tell us if there is anything you don't like about living in Colorado. From long winters to taxes, we've included the top twenty-five answers in the photo gallery below. Let's see what Colorado had to say.

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Colorado: The Expensive State

Some of the most frequent things mentioned that we don't care for in Colorado include income tax and the extremely high cost of living here. Others had plenty to say about high inflation and how it affects prices in Colorado. Do you feel like Colorado has become too expensive for regular families?

Colorado Wants to Be Closed

Several people asked that Colorado just close its borders right now to new residents. Sadly, it would take an act of Congress to close off a state. It's right there in the Constitution. Article Four, Section Two guarantees that states cannot discriminate against citizens of other states. States must give people from other states the same fundamental rights they give their own citizens which includes the right for people to move between the states as much as we may not like where they come from.

Colorado Still Wants to Be Divided in Half

This one never ends. You won't have a hard time finding a resident in Colorado who thinks the state should be split down the middle into two different states. The Eastern half of the state would be the blue state and the Western Slope would be the red state. Does this mean the Californians could only move to Denver? That seems like a plan most people could live with according to the comments below.

See the things Coloradans really don't like about Colorado below.

25 Things Coloradans Really Don't Like About Colorado

No matter if you have lived in the state of Colorado for five minutes or your entire life, there are bound to be a few things about our state you would like to change. While we all love our state, what is something you don't like about life in Colorado these days?

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