Let's be honest, unless you're turning sixteen and about to get your license, there aren't too many reasons why visiting the DMV would make someone smile.

However, a new rule that went into effect last month may have Coloradans grinning a lot more while at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In August, it was announced in an official press release that Colorado residents are now allowed to smile when taking photos for their driver's licenses, identification cards, and instruction permits.

In the past, it was not okay for people to show their teeth or open their lips in their license or ID photos, but it was acceptable to subtly grin. According to laws, Coloradans are still prohibited from making unusual or exaggerated facial expressions, like sticking their tongue out, in the photograph.

A trial run testing out smiling photos in Colorado began in March of 2022. There were questions as to whether or not the facial identification software would be able to recognize this type of expression. Results proved that smiling didn't impact the software systems and also meets REAL ID standards. While individuals are now permitted to smile, it's not something that's necessarily being promoted by the DMV.

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