When you think of spicy or mild chili peppers, where does your brain go? Well, this past Saturday I was having lunch in Grand Junction, Colorado, and bit into a roasted Jalapeno, and my mouth was on fire, eyes watering and all. I'm sure you get it.

It got me thinking of when I first moved to the Western Slope nearly five years. The big thing I noticed was green chili peppers are so popular. With New Mexico right next door I can see why.

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One of my favorites is a poblano named for the state of Puebla, Mexico. Popular in Chilis Rellenos.

New Mexico Green Chilis are actually anaheim chilis. The Jalapeno a very hot pepper green chili, used especially in Mexican-style cooking. The serrano originated in the mountains of the Mexico states of Puebla and Hidalgo. Similar in heat to the jalapeno. (I'd say hotter).

Years ago I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and had my first serrano pepper. Not knowing its heat I ate the whole thing and thought I was going to explode.

The ghost chili pepper known as the bhut jolokia is one of the world's hottest. I've only sampled salsas with one in them. That was too hot for me.

Devries Produce just outside of Montrose has great Hatch Green Chile Peppers, mild to hot. I highly recommend the New Mexico green chili peppers, they are some of the best. Now don't get me started on Chips and Salsa, that's a food group in my world!

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