Colorado is full of unique areas and attractions and there's so much to do, that you'll find yourself wanting to stay here forever.

When planning your next vacation, you'll want to add a few of these places in Colorado to your bucket list.

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The Beauty in Colorado Nature

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States thanks to a large number of mountain ranges.

If you're coming from a place that only has plains, the sight of these majestic mountains will be truly breathtaking. If the mountains don't take your breath away, the sheer altitude will be sure to finish the job.

However, scenic views aren't only found up above, but down below as well in vast canyons.

Colorado Has the Best Ski Resorts

It's common knowledge that a large part of Colorado experiences heavy snow during the winters, making it one of the top locations for the best ski resorts.

Light, fluffy, and powdery snow is sure to impress those who've never had the thrill of riding a snow tube down a giant hill.

Fun Activities for Adults and Family

Colorado is the perfect place to visit with family or even for an adult-only trip. Some of the best zoos are located in Colorado, and while some may be unaware, there are even cities full of casinos for adults looking for high-stakes action.

No matter what adventure you chose to go on in Colorado, you'll most likely find yourself highly impressed and wishing you had more time to explore the Centennial State.

Scroll Through the Top Tourist Locations Throughout Colorado

Looking to explore all that Colorado has to offer? Here are some of the best places to add to your Colorado bucket list:

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