It's been a great year to be out on the hiking trails around Grand Junction, Colorado. Spending time on the trails in Fruita, Grand Junction, and Grand Mesa, you have a chance to switch up your hiking experience any time you want. How many places in Colorado can say that?

Below I'll take you through my 20 favorite trails I completed so far in the Grand Valley. Some of these are cupcakes and others will need some preparation. I would recommend this as a great starter list for anyone who wants to get more familiar with the popular trails in the area.

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Western Colorado Hiking Trails

Within minutes of Grand Junction, you can hike in the Grand Mesa National Forest, the Colorado National Monument, the McInnis Canyon, Bangs Canyon, Glade Park, and on top of the Grand Mesa just to get started. These areas offer a different backdrop but still include everything you are looking for on a Colorado hike.

Which Western Colorado Trail Was the Best One So Far?

There is a reason the Crag Crest trail has earned its legendary status. Completing this hike and making it to the old marker at Leon Peak pretty much should earn you a Grand Mesa merit badge. The Crag Crest National Recreation Trail has just about everything you could want on a Colorado hiking trail.

My Top 20 Colorado Hikes Completed in 2022

My first full summer in Colorado was well spent. Here are my recommendations for 20 great hikes to get you started in the Grand Valley. Below we'll explain each hike in detail with photos if you want more information.

My Favorite Colorado Hiking Trails I Completed in 2022

Hitting the hiking trails is one of my favorite activities in Western Colorado. It's been a busy 2022, and I've selected my top 20 hiking trails that I finished this year. The following hikes are explained in detail with links to a complete walk-through for each trail below.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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Maintain a good grip on the steering wheel because we traveling to the top of the Rockies via Colorado's extreme mountain passes. Scroll on to learn more about mountain passes above 10,000 feet throughout the state.

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