Colorado is jam-packed with wonderful and amazing attractions, but, quite often, we don't fully appreciate what's in our own backyard.

So Many Colorado Attractions We Could See  Anytime, Yet We Don't

Tourists come to Colorado from all over the world to enjoy the wonders and intricacies of our great state. Yet, there are so many attractions in the state that people who live here have never seen. It's like, we're right here, we could see it anytime, but there's no sense of urgency and so we never do it.

What Is Something You Have Never Seen or Done Even Though You Live Here?

Recently, we asked our listeners to name a popular attraction in Colorado they had never been to, in spite of the fact that they are Colorado residents and could pretty much go anytime they wanted. Here's one example. Larry told us he's lived here since 1957 and has never been over the Colorado National Monument. Are you kidding me?

But, I understand it. I've lived in Grand Junction for 20 years and I've been over the monument, but I rarely go. Even though I love it and think it's fantastic, I'm lucky if I get up to the monument once a year.

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You've Never Been to Rocky Mountain National Park?

I wonder how many people are like Dejah and have never seen the beauty and wonder of Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a beautiful place, but if you live in western Colorado, it's a long drive to get there.

Pauline mentioned Elitch Gardens saying "I think the 'I can go anytime' is never in this case." Elitch's is a cool place and super fun, but, have you ever been there?

20 Popular Local Attractions Coloradans Have Never Seen Or Experienced

Coloradans are so lucky to be living in Colorado with all its great attractions, beauty, and fun things to do. Yet, so many are missing out. Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the popular attractions Coloradans have never been to because they "can go anytime." They are still waiting for "anytime." You might be shocked at some of the responses.

15 Fun Local Attractions to Visit in Grand Junction

If you are new to Grand Junction you'll want to put these local hot spots on your list of things to see in Grand Junction.

Unflattering Reviews of Our Favorite Western Colorado Attractions

Do you remember that awesome river in Western Colorado where you love to fish? How about that national park you love to visit? Don't you just love hitting the open road and travel across Colorado? Well, some people don't like those things. Check out a handful of nasty Google reviews of some of your favorite Western Colorado attractions.

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