I may somewhat be teasing about this subject. But seriously I take my little dog on a walk and see little liquor bottles every time. I live just a few blocks from Montrose Memorial Hospital. People always seem to be walking around my neighborhood.

I had a friend I worked with a few years back, and he would always have his older son pick up trash anywhere we were. It got me wanting to do the same thing. it's sad to see trash everywhere. Especially in the gutters. I've picked up Gatorade bottles, water bottles, beer bottles, soda cans, and lots of little liquor bottles.

It's illegal to litter, and there is a hefty fine as well, up to $1,000.00 in Colorado. So why don't we try and clean up trash when we see it? It sure makes driving around more enjoyable. When I visit one of the local parks in Montrose, I make sure to clean up trash.

Speaking of cleaning up, I just got done pulling weeds this past weekend. I can't stand anyone driving by the busy street I live on and seeing weeds in my zero-scaped yard. Call it a pet peeve, but I like to see manicured yards, whether they are full of grass or zero-scaped like mine.

It's been a long winter, and there is trash out around the streets. I still have leaves on my driveway and in my yard, ugh! If you are taking a walk, please pick up any trash you can. We can all work together for a cleaner environment.

Airplane Liquor Bottles And Trash Around Montrose

Cleaning Up Trash Around Montrose

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