Colorado is full of history and if we're lucky, sometimes we are even given the opportunity to check out some of these historic places years later. That is the case with a place in Boulder County called Heil Valley Ranch.

Location of Colorado's Heil County Ranch

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Heil County Ranch sits on a piece of property in Boulder County, right between the cities of Boulder and Lyons, Colorado in the North Foothills Open Space:

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Google Maps

The property is located closest to the very small town of Altona, Colorado, hence the name of the Altona Schoolhouse which is the most popular attraction at Heil Valley Ranch.

History of Colorado's Altona Schoolhouse

The schoolhouse on Heil Valley Ranch was built in 1880 and operated as a schoolhouse until 1950. After World War II, much of Colorado's educational system was consolidated and consequently, the schoolhouse was closed.

Upon closing, the property and the schoolhouse were purchased by the Heil family who then converted the schoolhouse into a residency. In addition, the Heils also added a little to the house.

Eventually, the property and the schoolhouse were purchased by Boulder County and upgraded them further. The property has been owned by the county ever since and is currently a roadside attraction open to the public.

What's on Colorado's Heil Ranch?

In addition to the schoolhouse, there are all kinds of other abandoned structures on the property like train boxcars, a caboose, a shed, a barn, and an outhouse.

Take a virtual tour of the Altona Schoolhouse and other buildings on Colorado's Heil Valley Ranch:

Bullet Holes + Odd Buildings Found on Abandoned Colorado Ranch

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

An old abandoned ranch in Colorado has numerous strange buildings, some of which are riddled with bullet holes. 

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