Summer is around the corner. The kids are ready to be outside and getting ready for the summer off. Those were the days, I'd love to be bored even for a day.

Did you know about all the activities around Montrose for kids?

The Community Rec Center is so fun. Actually, the whole family can swim in the various pools, The Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club has many activities, and even fun at the local Montrose Library.

Did you know about the many trails to ride your bike?

From Montrose Water Sports Park and the many trails adjacent to there. The Ute trailhead offers some fun too.

Did you know you can visit an Alpaca Ranch?

There sure is one, just call first for a visit.

Kids will need activities for summer, and the parents may benefit too. Don't forget the Colorado discount night at the Star Drive Inn. I've seen carloads of families having a great time. There is also a lot of history fun and over 200 artifacts at the Ute Indian Museum. Enjoy the rest of the list as well.

10 Inexpensive Activites For Kids Around Montrose

Kids' fun activities around Montrose

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