Olathe, Colorado is not large, but there are some interesting things you didn't know about this tiny western Colorado town.

Finding Olathe

You'll find the community of Olathe right along Highway 50 between Delta and Montrose. Unless Olathe happens to be your destination, you're not going to pass through the town unless you purposely make the effort to turn off the main road and drive into town.

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Olathe Is A Typical Small Colorado Town

About 1800 people call Olathe home, and in many ways, Olathe feels like a typical small Colorado town. There is a "main" street that features several local businesses, you'll find a handful of restaurants, some churches, schools - even a winery, and an RV park.

Google Street View
Google Street View

History and Olathe Sweet Corn

The town of Olathe has been a part of western Colorado history since the late 1800s. It has experienced slow, steady growth over the years and for many years has been an annual destination for attendees of the popular Olathe Sweet Corn Festival. Of course, you can't talk about Olathe without mentioning the Olathe Sweet Corn, which truly is amazingly delicious.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Olathe, Colorado

The town of Olathe, Colorado is not a booming metropolis, but it's an integral part of the western Colorado landscape. I wonder how many people simply drive right past Olathe and never give a thought to what lies within this town and the history that has made Olathe what it is today. It's possible that some out-of-state travelers don't even realize they are passing through the land of Olathe Sweet Corn. Here are some little-known facts about Olathe, Colorado.

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