There are many places to get your morning coffee. Lots of us have our favorite hot spots. Let's talk about the reason we go back time and time again to the same one.

What is important to you when getting your morning coffee?

I say great coffee and latte choices and quick service.

Do you like a rich blend or light coffee?

The richer the coffee beans the better. I think of coffee as craft coffee, and there is so much great coffee out now.

Do you like specialty lattes?

Of course. A vanilla lavender is my newer favorite. Kiln Coffee Bar in Grand Junction has a great honey lavender latte.

I've tried a few great coffee places in Grand Junction. Copeka is one of my favorites. The liquid gold (with turmeric) in your delicious latte is so good. I just feel better with a great coffee to start my day. The barista's that make them always seem so happy. Which makes your day happier. I hope you've tried some of these great places in Grand Junction.

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