Have you ever thought about volunteering? It's definitely very rewarding. There are many places to volunteer around Montrose.

Where have you thought about volunteering?

Food banks are always in need of volunteers. Sharing Ministries would be a great start. They do grocery pick-up and meal services. Also, The Thanksgiving Dinner at Friendship Hall needs volunteers every year.

Have you thought about Habitat for Humanity?

They are always looking for volunteers. They have such a great staff, and the Restore is awesome.

What about the Volunteers Of America Senior Citizen Center?

That is where I would like to volunteer. They are in need of seasonal volunteers.

Region 10 League for Economic Assistance and Planning is a student-trusted focused partner and really loves its volunteers. They would be happy to hear from you if you've been thinking about volunteering.

Check out the list of 10 places you can consider volunteering in Montrose. There are others I may have missed. They all have different needs and services. Flexible hours as well.

10 Places To Volunteer In Montrose

Places To Volunteer In Montrose

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