I'm from California, and I love my home State. Though it's been a while since I've lived there. My Husband and my line of work have had us on the road for many years now. I'd like to think of Colorado as my adopted State now.

Is Colorado cheaper to live in than California?

Well, of course, that's part of the reason I don't live there anymore. Your money can go so much further in Colorado. The cost of living is 20 percent lower in Colorado. And buying a house is 30 percent lower.

What climate is better Colorado or California?

The climate may be better in California. But in some areas, you have to worry about mudslides and flooding. If you move to Colorado you need to get used to the altitude.

The point of this story is, you should be able to move to any state and feel welcome. I felt very welcome when I arrived here 5 years ago. Though I hear snarky remarks about California and even Texas. I know California has some silly laws. It's not legal to curse on a mini golf course in Long Beach. It's also illegal to wash your car in some cities on the street. No doubt California is full of laws period. But so are other states.

I also lived for a short time in Helena Montana, and they are not happy that so many Californians are moving there too. It's never good to stereotype people because of their home state. California has so many beautiful beaches, and parks, you name it. Colorado is full of beauty as well. I know I grew up near the beach, but the mountains are my favorite by far as I've gotten older. I also like a cooler climate, and really love snow. (Well on the mountains). People are people and we should be dealt with as individuals. No matter where we come from.

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