When it comes to Christmas, we all have our own family traditions. For instance, back in the day, my family only hung homemade stockings from the fireplace and homemade ornaments from our tree. As my kids got older, we would spend our Colorado Christmas morning cooking brunch together.

One tradition we kept every year was setting out a plate of milk and cookies for ole' Chris Kringle. One particular holiday season, we noticed Santa wasn't drinking all of his milk and would leave a few cookies behind.

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Christmas cookies and note for Santa Claus

My daughters were visibly upset when they didn't see an empty plate and wanted to know why Santa didn't finish it. After a discussion and a few tears, we decided that he must be bored with this snack.

So, the following Christmas, my daughters and I came up with a plan, give Santa something special. Something nobody else would ever think about giving him as a snack.

After a few minutes of continuous giggling, we decided it would be fun to serve up a small plate of smokable wienies, along with a can of Coors Banquet. My daughters didn't think this would work since everyone knows Santa is a milk and cookie kind-a-guy. Or was he?

Lo and behold, that following Christmas morning, we woke up to an empty beer can and a finished plate of wieners. Nothing but smiles from ear to ear. From that day forward, it was always smokable wienies and a beer.

Why am I telling you this story? Well, two weeks ago, I received a call from my oldest daughter, who is now 32. She discovered that milk and cookies are not his favorite snacks. As a matter of fact, kids from all across the world feed him different things entirely.

For example, did you know that Kids in Ireland like to leave Santa A pint of Guinness?

Australia also says beer is a go

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Glass of beer

In Chile, A Rum filled sponge cake is the perfect Santa energy boost after a long flight across the Atlantic.

Sponge cake with strawberries and vanilla cream. Strawberry Fraisier cake .
Mariia Kozub
Sponge cake with strawberries and vanilla cream. Strawberry Fraisier cake

France children leave biscuits, carrots and shoes.

Homemade Baked Buttermilk Biscuits
Homemade baked buttermilk biscuits smothered in melted butter served on a white plate.

and Finally, in the UK, it's minced meat pies.

Homemade Upper MIchigan Pasty Meat Pie
Homemade Meat Pie with Ketchup

You thought our smokable wienies were a bit out there.

The one thing we noticed after close examination, Santa wasn't getting a red nose from riding in the sleigh, but from all the alcohol he had been drinking (allegedly). Good thing Rudolph is guiding the sleigh or the big guy just might have gotten pulled over for a DUI.

bad santa

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