There's generally one common rule when it comes to weddings: If you're not the bride, don't wear white!

However, it seems one woman didn't get the memo as she showed up to her brother's wedding in a white, sparkly gown — after explicitly being told not to wear it.

An anonymous person — possibly a friend or family member — took to Reddit explaining the ordeal.

"Groom’s sister is told prior to [the] wedding that her dress choice is inappropriate," they wrote via Reddit. "Sister replies she will never speak to her brother again if he goes through with the wedding. She is uninvited from [the] wedding, then shows up to [the] wedding in this off-white cocktail dress."

The user even shared a photo of the woman posing with her brother, i.e. the groom, at the event.


"I wasn’t part of this wedding but have seen so much drama about it unfold on Facebook," the Reddit user continued in the comments section. "The bride is understandably very upset about what happened and posted something a few days ago about how she was disappointed that someone would act this way, but didn’t add any identifying info or name drop."

The user noted "the sister had separately posted a TikTok where she was claiming the bride was toxic and jealous, admitted to wedding crashing, mentioned how she had the last dance with the groom, and said she gives the marriage five years tops."

They continued: "The bride of course found out about this and there is endless Facebook drama about the TikTok, whether the dress was in fact 'white' (the sister claims it’s champagne…), etc. It’s been an absolute whirlwind."

Reddit users in the comments were baffled by the sister's actions, with many agreeing it is customary that guests do not wear white to a wedding.

"I'm so confused by moms/sisters/etc. that do stuff like this. It just comes across like they want to f--k their son/brother/whatever relation the groom is lol ... weird s--t, man." one person wrote.

"The last dance thing is really gross. How else could that possibly come off?" another commented.

"Why was she even allowed to wedding crash after all that drama? Kick her a-- out," someone else weighed in.

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