It's that week where the excitement of Christmas is over, and it's time to plan for the New Year. First I'll take down the Christmas tree and decorations. Then on to my to do list, as I call it.

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Go through your closet. Get rid of those unwanted or unused clothes, or even makeup, dishes, you name it. Usually Spring cleaning is around March, but I start every January now. How about a new recipe?. I'm not a good cook, but I am up for trying new recipes and this week is the perfect time as it's my flex week. Taking a day off or two between Christmas and the New Year.

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You may have a picture that's been sitting in the corner of a room, why not hang it up. Without any help even better, it can brighten up a room. Returning those Christmas presents is a great idea as well. Do you ever re gift a gift? I have, but never in the same Family.

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One thing I've already started is cleaning out the junk food in the refrigerator, pantry, even off the kitchen counters. Everywhere I look there's cookies, See's Candy, popcorn, you name it. The cleaner eating can't come soon enough in my house. I know it's time to start thinking about those New Year's resolutions too. So how about a Journal of the good things of 2022, and the goals for 2023. However you spend this last week of 2022, I hope it's full of great memories from this past year.

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