I had the chance to travel to Durango, Colorado a few years back, it was during the pandemic. It was a lot shorter distance than I expected. Only 2 and a half hours from Montrose.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful scenery, and it was July, but so much green from Ouray to Silverton, then on to Durango. I went via the US 550. I will let you in on something, the ride from Ouray to Silverton has a steep part, don't look out during that brief spot that they call Million Dollar Highway.

The ride alone made the trip so memorable. The mountain tops are some of the best ever. Durango was a fun town to visit. The downtown was great, along with the Animas River flowing through the area.

They have some great breweries and restaurants. Ska brewing is one of my favorites, I've seen them out at Octoberfest in Montrose and other events on the Western Slope. Plus the Strater Hotel is historic, and check out the Diamond Belle Saloon as well.

I would say Durango is a great getaway for the weekend for anyone that lives on the Western slope. I also highly recommend Durango for a fun trip especially if you are planning on visiting Colorado.

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