Do you have more Shoes or Beauty/Haircare products? Based on my bathroom closet, I have way to much makeup, haircare, and beauty care. Everytime I move I'm amazed how much I need to throw out.

Most of my friends and family have dozens and dozens pairs of shoes. How about you? I own only 10, including Flip Flops, and House Slippers. I'm not against having more shoes, I just seem to have as many as I need, and no more.

Many of us have tried many haircare or facial moisturizers promising to restore youth. The thing that bugs me the most is when you find that favorite Lipstick shade or Eye Shadow, and then it's discontinued.

One of my favorite things is little shampoo bottles. I just can't get enough of them, I don't know why. So imagine if I'm on vacation the assortment of trial size shampoos and conditioners has me smiling. It's like they see me coming and say, put them away. Everytime I see my Hairdresser I can't resist the small bottles of  shampoos and lotions, as in a few of my pix.

So what is your collection must haves? Shoes, Beauty care, Coffee Mugs? And don't get me started on Jewelry. I'll save that for another time. Spoiler alert I love Jewelry!


Shoes, Shampoos, What do you choose?

Shoes, Shampoos

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