Colorado is known for its majestic mountains, scenic valleys, sprawling prairies, and an abundance of different kinds of wildlife, including moose and elk. But millions of years ago, the land in which we live looked much different.

While none of us will ever know exactly what the world looked like before humans existed, things like fossils and bones that have been left behind can help to paint a better picture.

When humans eventually did make their way to the region, they too left important evidence of their prior presence.

From the days of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures to native tribes, cavemen, and cowboys of the wild west, Colorado has a unique history that we continue to learn more about as time goes by.

Interesting Artifacts Recovered in Colorado

Antique weapons and ancient artifacts provide clues as to how people used to live and work, as well as what they did for fun hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Historic Railroad Sites in Colorado

These former railroad structures are still standing in various parts of Colorado.

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