Roddy Ricch recently confronted a paparazzo for filming him in Los Angeles.

On Thursday (Dec. 29), The Hollywood Fix shared video of Roddy Ricch outside of Couture Kids on Robertson in West Hollywood, Calif. In the clip, Roddy and his security guard are putting boxes in the back of the rapper's Mercedes SUV with the help of a store employee. The paparazzo filming the scene from across the street then attempts to get closer and tries to spark a conversation with the Compton, Calif. rapper. That's when his security intervenes.

"Right now, he's doing something for his family, man," the bodyguard says. "This is private right now. That's all. Get him another time because he's doing something private right now."

The videographer then retreats to the other side of the street while getting a middle finger from Roddy. However, he continues to film and snap photos. That's when Roddy Ricch decides to approach the man.

"Turn that off," Roddy Ricch says multiple times. "Turn that off because I want to talk to you like a man."

"Bro, why you tripping?" the man responds. "I'm just doing my job," he adds before asserting Roddy is a celebrity and should be used to random people running up on him with cameras.

"You walked up on me. Don't walk up on me, nigga," Roddy responds "This real life. Don't walk up on me, bro. You walking up on my car. I'm handling my personal business. You walking up on me. This ain't that. I'm living real life. Leave me the fuck alone, real shit."

XXL has reached out to Roddy Ricch's team for comment.

See Video of Roddy Ricch Confronting a Paparazzo Below

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