Years ago, there was a small town in Western Colorado by the name of Uravan. Uravan was located south of Grand Junction near the Utah border and was a thriving mining community.

Unfortunately, because of the dangerous nature of the elements that were being mined, the town has since been torn down, burned, buried, and Uravan has become extinct.

However, there are still former residents and families of those who once lived in the small mining town that are committed to keeping its legacy alive.

What Happened to Uravan Colorado?

Uravan, Colorado was a unique town in that it was once surrounded by uranium. Unbeknownst to the citizens at the time, the United States Government was seeking uranium during World War II in order to create a bomb powerful enough to effectively end the war.

It was in 1943 that a secret project began in which uranium was mined in Uravan and while the people mining and living in nearby Uravan weren't aware of exactly what was going on, they did know that they were working to bring the U.S. troops deployed overseas home.

After the U.S. dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan and ended the war, the residents of Uravan still lived there but, strangely, were getting very sick and some lives were mysteriously lost.

It was determined that the radiation from the uranium mined in Uravan was causing these problems for the residents and in the 1980s, the government decided to evacuate the residents, burn the town to the ground, and cover what was left in dirt.

Remembering Uravan Colorado

Today, some of the former residents of Uravan as well as their families have put forth the effort to remember their lost town. For example, a campground dedicated to the extinct town called 'The Ball Park' has been built nearby in Uravan's memory with reminders of what it once was.

In addition, there is a barn that was erected within the past couple of years dedicated to preserving the memory of Uravan.

Take a look at some photos of these memorials, as well as what Uravan looks like now:

Remembering the Forgotten Town and Story of Uravan Colorado

Uravan Colorado was once a uranium mining town. However, because the radiation left behind was making people ill, it was burned, buried, and is now considered extinct.

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