Have you ever wondered why there are painted pianos across Downtown Fort Collins?

I was walking around Old Town Fort Collins recently and came across a piano. This piano had a very intricate design and is one of my favorite art pieces in Northern Colorado. 

If You Think There Is Only One, Think Again

painted piano
Tanner Chambers/TSM

No, a piano was not just randomly dropped off and painted. These pianos as actually an initiative called Pianos About Town

This project is managed by the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program, the Downtown Development Authority, and the Bohemian Foundation. 

Scattered among 20 locations across town in the summer, and six locations in the winter, the completed pianos offer surprise interruptions of color and music across Fort Collins. The whimsical pianos beckon to passersby and invite them to make and listen to music together. - Bohemian Foundation

Why Pianos About Town Is So Great

Pianos About Town is a phenomenal way to bring our community together. Pianos About Town allows Fort Collins artists to express themselves and give Fort Collins residents something to look forward to.

You Can Help This Growing Program

If you have a piano at your house that is collecting dust, you can donate it. Who knows? You may see your contribution to the city of Fort Collins when you are exploring downtown. 

If you see a piano in Fort Collins, you should play it! I would rather observe the art. I am certain that nobody wants to hear me poorly play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

More about Pianos About Town HERE.

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