When you think of mountain lions, you think of a lot of different things but playful isn't necessarily one of them, until now. A mountain lion came across a tree swing in the woods and thought it was the greatest thing ever and decided that it was play time.

Mountain lions are ferocious and skilled hunters that have an impressive display of speed, strength and ninja like stealth-like skills.

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Most of the time, when we think of mountain lions, we also think of the scary side and understandably so because chances are if you ever see one in the wild, these encounters can be terrifying and at times end badly.

However, in this particular case this mountain lion showed off its playful side and reminded us all just how similar a big scary looking mountain lion can be similar in behavior to a silly little house cat in their desire to play.

According to the News and Observer, a resident near Blackhawk, Colorado put a swing in a tree and a mountain lion decided that it was the perfect toy to bat around and play with as it was caught on camera.

YouTube/Thaddeus Wells


How cute is that? I mean, I'm sure that mountain lion wouldn't hesitate to rip you up pretty good if it had the chance but looking at it from a distance and on video, it just looks like a giant house kitty that just wants to play and yes it's pretty adorable, from a distance.


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