Colorado is a popular place to hunt for mushrooms, and many people do it as a hobby here. More than 5,000 species of mushrooms call Colorado home, ranging in type from edible to poisonous, and even several psychedelic kinds. Those who set out to find them in the wilderness know exactly where to explore, as well as the ideal season and habitat in which certain mushrooms can be found.

But even residents who aren't active foragers are noticing more wild mushrooms popping up this summer season - and they're not tripping, there actually are more 'shrooms than usual right now.

Colorado's mushroom season typically lasts from April to October but can vary depending on weather and elevation.

This summer, the conditions have been prime for mushroom growth. Consistently warm temperatures paired with decent rain in the mountains and foothills have caused fungi to thrive throughout certain areas of the Centennial State, including northern Colorado.

The best time to hunt for mushrooms is after a rainstorm because that's when they are most likely to fruit.

Mushrooms have been used for centuries for food and medicine. But even when they are not being collected for practical purposes, their unique colors and patterns make them fun to set out and search for just the same.

Check Out Some Mushrooms Found Around Colorado

Mushrooms can be tricky to identify. There are so many factors to consider, such as the gills underneath the cap. With even a slight gill variation, it can be an entirely different mushroom

If there are any mycology experts out there who can help identify some of the unknown species in the photos, I'd love to know.

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