It's always fun to see what you know or don't know about Montrose, Colorado. If you live in Montrose, you may know some of its histories but not all of it. Keep reading to see how much you know about the place you live.

When Did Montrose Colorado Get Here?

The first settlers came to the Uncompahgre Valley in the 1870s, but it wasn't until after the fall of 1881 that they could buy land. The reason, they had to wait until the actual owners of the land, the Ute Indians, were moved from their homes and to a reservation in Utah. Can you imagine if someone from somewhere else came along and did that to you?

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When Did Montrose Colorado Become a Town?

It was 1882 when the town that we know as Montrose became a town. It was known as Pomona, Dad's Town, Uncompahgre Town, and several other names before finally it was decided to call it Montrose. Named after a favorite character in the Sir Walter Scott novel, the Legend of Montrose.

The Gunnison Tunnel, constructed to provide irrigation to the area in 1909, signaled the start of the agricultural boom, replacing mining as the leading industry in the area.

Montrose Colorado's Later Years and Beyond

The Denver Rio Grand Railroad established a route from Denver to Salt Lake City with a stop in Montrose, helping it to become a hub for transportation and commerce as it remains today. Now and for many years, tourism is a great driver of folks to our town as they head for the Black Canyon, Telluride, and all over the Western Slope.

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