I can't help it, but everything about Fall makes me think about being a kid. Being back in school after the Summer. Halloween; looking and acting silly, and being rewarded with candy. And, of course, hot chocolate, which becomes significantly less socially acceptable when you're an adult. Just ask for a hot chocolate at a restaurant, and watch the people stare! (And Boy, do they stare at you.)

For me, the most memorable thing about being a kid was all the free time I had to play video games. That's why I'm good at Street Fighter: lots of time to practice in my formative years! Sure, I could have spent that time studying something useful, getting good grades, and all that nonsense. But if that kept up, I would be a genius billionaire and I wouldn't be here, waxing nostalgic about the things from my adolescence.

Nostalgia is a powerful force, and since we were feeling nostalgic for kid stuff, we put the question to the Montrose community: what couldn't YOU do without as a kid? We asked, and Montrose answered. We got a lot of responses, from the ridiculous to the heart-warming. This is usually the case when you ask a question on Facebook.

Could do without any talk of politics, though...

You'll find some of our favorite responses below:

Montrose Nostalgia

Here's what Montrose couldn't do without during childhood!

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