When you think of different cities in any state you probably think of food. Food is comfort especially when you are traveling. I've talked about the food from a vacation or getaway probably more than where I traveled.

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Spending the last five years in Montrose there is a lot of delicious food. There are many things I could eat every day. Starvin Arvin's has a cinnamon roll that is just too good. My hips definitely don't need it. Well, you only live once. Here's what people who live in Montrose could eat every day.

Favorite Foods on the Western Slope

Are these some of your favorite foods on the Western Slope?

You get the point and thank you for all the responses, there were many.

It depends on what time of year it is for me anyway. Winter time is chili, stews, and casseroles. In spring and summer, a little lighter meals are good. Thai food, lots of salads, chicken and tuna sandwiches, or wraps.

Fall is when the fun of eating begins. Homemade soups, lasagna, and barbeque ribs. I tend to each too much sugar too, as I'm only semi-good at baking. Let's blame that on the Holidays! Whatever food may be your daily favorite, I hope it brings you a smile.

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