Let's face it, none of our houses can compete with the homes we see on TV. Every week, our favorite characters live their best lives in homes you'd be crazy not to want to live in. I mean, they're all sets that consist of half a room, and would probably fall over if you breathe on them wrong, but just to look at them? Marvelous.

Luckily, there's a real home available in Montrose that is not only significantly more durable than a movie set but actually exists, for real, in the real world. You could even have your own Modern Family-inspired adventures without having to pay the Screen Actors' Guild. I'd say that's worth the price, alone.

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No joke, the interior of this 3-bedroom in the Bridges almost feels like the Modern Family house, from a design aesthetic. It is only one floor, so there's no staircase like in the show, but those granite countertops, man... I just keep getting visions of the Dunphy clan during one of their many, mid-morning, everybody-has-to-be-somewhere opening segments. Unlike TV, though, there is more than half of this house. You'll have plenty of space for everyone in the family to get to where they're going, without getting in each other's way for comedy.

It also doesn't hurt that this home is, literally, right across the street from hole #17 at the Bridges. If you're already an avid golfer, or even if you've always wanted to try, living next door is a great incentive to hit the links. Plus, with the heated 3-car garage, scraping ice from your windshields in the winter will be a thing of the past. Check out the listing at Realtor.com.

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