Rain is how we began summer, rain is also how we are going to welcome the final month of it.

After several really hot and dry days, here comes the rain again. It is being dubbed a "monsoonal flow". Denver Channel 7 explains the word 'monsoon' refers to the seasonal shift in the wind direction.

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In Colorado, that leads to stormy weather in July and August. We get an area of low pressure over the Desert Southwest that draws moisture from the Pacific Ocean. In addition to that, a ridge of high pressure to the east pulls moisture from the Gulf of Mexico."

At this point, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons look to be the rainiest, but there is the "afternoon thunderstorm" possibility every day of the extended 10-day forecast. There's a good chance for hail and lots of intense lightning too.

As many of us are planning lots of activities during these final weeks of summer, the plans may have to move indoors this week. All those plants that are usually dried up by now will get a nice boost. The temperatures will drop a little which will indeed be a welcome relief to the nearly 100 days we've been enduring.

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