In many parts of Colorado, you'll find a plethora of churches, temples, and other settings for worship, but not all of the residents of our great state identify as religious.

In fact, it may come as a surprise to you that one major Colorado city is in the top ten of the least religious cities in the entire country.

Denver Colorado is One of the Least Religious in the United States

A new study found that of all the major cities across the United States, Denver, Colorado is the fifth least religious in the nation.

Granted, the study only included major cities, and it comes as no surprise that Colorado's second-largest city, Colorado Springs, didn't make the list at all.

According to the study, as of 2023, 29% of Denver's population identifies as not affiliated with any religion. In other words, 29% of the city's residents identify as either agnostic or atheist.

What Cities are Less Religious than Denver Colorado?

While it may come as a surprise that Denver comes in at number five on the list of least religious major cities in the country, the top four cities are much less surprising. For example, the fourth least religious city is Santa Cruz, California, the third least religious is Seattle, Washington, the second least religious is San Francisco, and the least religious major city in the United States is Portland, Oregon.

On the other side of things, Austin, Texas is just slightly more religious than Denver, with Minneapolis following in seventh place. Rounding out the list we have Ann Arbor, Michigan at number eight, Madison, Wisconsin at number nine, and Cambridge, Massachusetts is the tenth least religious major city in the United States.

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