Colorado's extreme winter is finally melting away. While the rivers on the Western Slope remain high from snow melt and runoff, this is also a sign that some of Colorado's natural attractions are ready for visitors.

Colorado is home to 81 waterfalls that have all been given names over the years. This time of year is perfect for a tour of Colorado's scenic waterfalls.

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It's Waterfall Season in Colorado

Can you believe how much snow is still melting up in the mountains? One of the upsides to heavy snow all winter is the force at which our Colorado waterfalls are moving all of that water right now. This extra snowmelt makes some of Colorado's biggest waterfalls a sight to behold. Scroll on to see 12 of the most scenic falls in the state.

Colorado's Largest Waterfall

Bridal Veil Falls near Telluride, Colorado is the largest waterfall in the state at 365 feet. See the top ten largest falls in the state below.

  • Bridal Veil Falls: 365 feet
  • Fish Creek Falls: 280 feet
  • Silver Cascade Falls: 200 feet
  • Seven Falls: 181 feet
  • Box Canyon Falls: 85 feet
  • Rifle Falls: 70 feet
  • Rainbow Falls: 46 feet
  • Ouzel Falls: 40 feet
  • Helen Hunt Falls: 26 feet
  • Zapata Falls: 30 feet

Which Part of Colorado Has the Most Waterfalls?

Colorado's waterfalls are found on both sides of the state. One of the largest concentrations of waterfalls in the same area is in Southwestern Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. Six sets of falls occupy the area between Ouray and Telluride, allowing visitors to find multiple waterfalls on the same day.

Keep going to check out 12 of Colorado's scenic falls this summer.

Enjoy 10 of Colorado's Hidden Scenic Waterfalls This Summer

Snowmelt and runoff make right now the best time to see some of Colorado's hidden scenic waterfalls. Keep going to check out 12 locations for beautiful scenic waterfalls that locals have known about for ages.

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