Affordable housing is a major problem in Colorado. All Coloradans feel the pressure and hopefully, housing prices will go down in 2024.

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Teachers are certainly feeling the stress as well. I believe that teachers are incredibly underpaid in Colorado. Teachers are paving the way for our future as a state and a nation teachers are instrumental in building future generations.

One school district in Colorado is taking a unique approach to ensure that their teachers are provided with what they need.

Affordable Homes for Teachers in Colorado Springs


According to USA Today, Harrison School District Two in Colorado Springs is building homes for teachers to live in. There is a project at Mountain Vista Community School that will build homes for their staff.

USA Today reports that this is a $6 million project.

The Colorado Homes Won’t Be Entirely Free


The homes will be built on campus. The homes will be 325 feet and will be duplexes. These tiny will not be entirely free and the district will charge their teachers $825 a month.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

$825 a month for 325 feet isn’t that great. This could potentially be a building block for the future and the prices could go down with time. A one-bedroom one-bathroom home in Colorado Springs is currently listed for $997. This means that a prospective renter will pay a hundred dollars more for more room.

Should Colorado Teachers Consider This?

If on-campus living was significantly cheaper than living within city limits, this would be a phenomenal resource for teachers. As mentioned earlier Colorado teachers are massively underpaid. when you hear about teachers living on campus, you typically assume that these teachers are university professors. That is fairly common.

However, for public school teachers, this could potentially be the future and best option for Colorado teachers. What do you think?

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On a positive note, they probably wouldn’t be late for class.

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