I have to admit when I first moved to Montrose I was on Main Street on my second day and going over the speed limit. Well not by much. It's 25 MPH, but I was told it use to be 35 MPH. I learned my lesson with a warning.

Do you think the speed limits around town work?

Main Street works, though I always have someone following too close.

How about Townsend ave?

The speed limit of 35 seems to be just right. But then it turns to 40 MPH if you are heading south. Now heading north towards Delta it's 45 until it turns to 65 MPH. Drivers approaching Montrose should slow down to the speed limit.

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How about school zones?

It's 20 mph, not the normal 30 mph. There has been a lot of tailgating. I know you may be running late, but be courteous to other drivers. If children are on the crosswalk obviously they have the right of way.

Hillcrest Avenue is quite congested especially during peak hours before and after work. Also once children get out of school. The speed limit is also 30 MPH on that road. Please slow down and be considerate of other drivers. Let's make it safely to our destinations.

Is the speed limit in Montrose too slow or too fast

Montrose Speed limits around town

Tips for Driving in Montrose, CO

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