Living in the mountains can be challenging when trying to figure out your outfit for the next day for work or school. The winter is always changeable, unlike the Summer.

What Kind of shoes should I have for Winter?

You will encounter snow and ice at some point during the winter months. A shoe with great traction is best. Either a snow boot or a hiking boot is best. But ice is ice, so please take it slow.

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Should I dress in layers?

The answer is yes, but it could be 40 degrees by 4 p.m., so make sure you can take off some of the layers in the afternoon. The heater in the office can be unbearable as well.

What if I'm visiting from out of town?

Make sure your rental car has an ice scrapper, and flashlight, and pack a blanket. The weather is changeable for sure.

Typically January and February have the most snow, ice, and coldest days. It's best to prepare for all three. I have never been a fan of scarves, but they keep you warm if you're outdoors for any amount of time. Socks and gloves are your friends too. Cold hands or feet are the worst. if your visiting for a few days or more pack lots of thermals, or sweaters too. Extra socks are great too. Enjoy the mountains and all the winter beauty.

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