I know a thing or two about moving. My husband's career path has had us in many cities and states. And leaving never gets any easier.

I love Colorado, and it's my second time living here. I lived in Denver about 15 years ago. I've been on the Western Slope here for over five years. I have to say one of the most beautiful places you will ever live if you love the mountains.

Should you hire a big moving company or rent a Uhaul?

Both are good depending on how far you are going. For a shorter move, a Uhaul may do. The more prominent moving companies handle more of the physical moving of things for you.

What happens if something is lost or broken?

That does happen. The last company lost some pictures, one that hung in my Husband's office for 20 years. That was a tough one. I've also had family heirlooms broken. So get insurance and hope for the best.

Moving is not fun, even if you are organized like me. Since the pandemic, people are moving a lot more. Let's face it the world has changed. I talked to a moving company in Grand Junction and they said June through September are their busiest months in the last three years. You actually will pay more if you move from May 30 thru June 7.

I've teased my husband that I should go into the moving business one day. I can pack up and go within a week if the movers can get us to our destination in a timely matter. Getting back to the question, how many times have you moved? Too many are my answer. I never really fully unpack. If you get the chance to live in Colorado, I highly recommend the western slope.

How Many Times Have You Moved In Or Around Colorado?

How Many Moves Is Too Many Colorado

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