Spring is about 22 days away. I don't know about you but being cooped up in small spaces is no fun. I tried walking my little dog yesterday, but all I got was mud everywhere from all the snow melting.

What is your over-the-counter remedy for a cold?

I use Sudafed pe for a cold. It's excellent with sinus issues, congestion, and runny nose. My doctor told me to try it years ago. I also boil water and use the steam to clear out my stuffed-up sinuses. I cover my head with a towel. Some Vicks or Mentholatum works well too.

How about for a sore throat or flu-like symptoms?

If I feel a sore throat coming on I use throat coat tea, it soothes your throat. Of course cough drops and plenty of honey too, for the flu with a temperature plenty of rest and Tylenol. But if more than a few days, call or see your doctor.

Do you stay home if you are sick?

That's the best thing to do since Covid-19 a sneeze is like oh no? There was a stomach bug going around about a week ago, and I stayed home for a day with it.

How do you handle traveling with those sick around you?

When I traveled last December, I brought a mask, as many were coughing and sneezing. It protects you from hopefully not coming down with an illness when you get home from your vacation or business trip.

Plenty of rest is always great too, to keep you healthy. Whatever your remedies may be, I hope your winter season has been a healthy one for you and your family.

How do you get through cold and flu season Montrose

Cold and flu season remedies

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