When was the last time you read a Grand Junction, Colorado property description featuring words like "funky"? This house is currently the least expensive property on the market in Grand Junction, and it deserves a look.

The listing agent had some fun with this one. The property's description comes with a couple of chuckles. Take a quick tour with the gallery below.

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The Least Expensive Property in Grand Junction, Colorado

As of today, October 6, 2022, this home at 242 Pitkin Avenue is the least expensive "house" on the market in Grand Junction. There are a few properties, the kind featuring wheels, available at lower prices. This, however, is the least expensive free-standing house.

It is currently listed at $110,000. According to Realtor.com, the estimated monthly cost to own this home would be $560. A few weeks ago I did a post featuring the least expensive apartments in Grand Junction, most of which were one-bedroom units measuring less than 500 square feet. The majority of those rented for more than $560 per month. With that, this house on Pitkin Avenue may represent a smart investment.

A Few Laughs With The Listing

The listing agent had some fun with this one. Hey, in this day and age, there is something to be said for someone who can be upfront and honest. The property description at Realtor.com states:

FIXER - Fix it up or tear it down. Great location in Grand Junction CO. 2 small bedrooms, 1 office, funky 3/4 bath. Be creative or not! Get inside and you decide. Cash may be the only option to purchase. - Vicki Chandler Dennis with MONUMENT RIDGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Right on! You have to love a post mentioning a "funky" 3/4 bath. That speaks volumes. One element which warrants attention would be that last line: Cash may be the only option to purchase. In other words, your bank may say, "Pass-a-roni."

This Property Has Potential

To quote my dearly departed mother, who admittedly knew nothing about real estate, "Any house can be fixed." I would have to concur. This home, with a little sweat equity, has tremendous potential.

Just west of this home on the neighboring lot you'll find Grand Junction's historic Stranges Grocery. That building has been undergoing a major restoration for close to a year. The owner is sinking a fortune into the property.

Just east of this home is a residence/commercial space which at one time was a recording studio. Back in 1989, I was able to attend a recording session featuring the legendary Bert Dahlander, the drummer for some of the greatest musicians of all time, including the one and only Dizzy Gillespie. That property still stands, just a few doors down from this one.

Waylon's Disclaimer

I am not a real estate agent and am in no way affiliated with any real estate agent or realty company. I do not know the owners of this home and am in no way involved in its sale. I have no interest in this property whatsoever. It could explode tomorrow and it wouldn't affect me.

I share these posts in hopes they may represent an opportunity that may be of interest to you. To be blunt, I'm a little tired of people constantly showcasing multi-million dollar properties in Aspen. There's always that one person on the lookout for a starter home, or a way to get their foot in the door with a ground-level investment. Right here, right now, this is the least expensive property for sale in Grand Junction.

Take a Look

Please check out the gallery below. This house has what matters - a foundation, a roof, electricity, and water. It's going to take some sweat equity, but like any home, the possibilities are endless. It's simply a matter of finding the right person for the right home.

Grand Junction's Least Expensive Property Makes For Hilarious Listing

Believe it or not, there's a house on the market in Grand Junction, Colorado priced at $110,000. It's the very definition of a fixer-upper, but it certainly has potential.

If you read the property's description, you'll find the listing agent has a sense of humor. When was the last time you read a property listing using descriptors like "funky"?

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