Halloween is a fun time in Grand Junction and there are lots of ways to celebrate whether you are a big kid or a small kid.

Halloween Is Big Business

Of course, Halloween is big business. Americans spend about $8 billion every year on costumes, candy, and decorations. And have you seen the price of candy lately? If you are doing costumes - kid or adult -- the days of $10 costumes are long gone. Between the candy and costumes, you might have to skip a couple of meals in order to pay for it.

But, guess what? Despite the rising costs of celebrating holidays like Halloween, we go all-in every year and we don't really care what it costs. We just want to have some fun - and most importantly, we want our kids to have some fun.


Goodbye To Traditional Trick or Treating

Traditional trick or treating is gradually fading away as parents worry more and more about the safety of their children. Community trick-or-treats events have become staples of the Halloween season in Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade.

The big kids like to have fun, too, and we have Halloween events for the 21 -and over crowd as well. We would just encourage everyone to be safe and responsible.

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Halloween Fun For Pets

And, of course, we don't want to leave our furry friends out. If you have a dog, you can bring it to Howl-O-Ween and help support the Roice-Hurst Humane Society in Grand Junction.

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