It's now six days into the new year. Are you ready for a vacation yet? People in Grand Junction, Colorado are ready to pack their bags and take off to these exciting locations.

I asked on Facebook, "What would you like to do for a vacation in 2023?" Here's what you had to say.

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The Right Time For a Vacation

This may not be the best time for a vacation. Often, people living in Western Colorado like to find warmer climates during the winter. This presents something of a problem. There are parts of the country getting hammered with record-low temperatures. One might be wise to stay put.

We All Need A Getaway

According to, a survey commissioned by Exodus Travels and conducted by One Poll found that 80% of those surveyed said they need a vacation in 2023 more than ever before.

What Is 'Shoulder Season'?

According to Investopedia, "Shoulder season is the time between the high season and the off-season when lodging and travel expenses are moderate and the weather is manageable. As with the off-season, shoulder season varies by location." Traveling during shoulder season can save you money, and perhaps more importantly, help you avoid the crowds.

Think Big, and Then... Think Bigger

I chimed in with a reply, too. I said I would like to visit Manhattan again. Katia M replied by saying, "Aim higher." Seriously, out of all the places in the world, if money were no object, I would want to visit Manhattan again.

Take a look at the gallery below. Do you notice something? Do you see the common theme? Out of all the answers someone could give, Hawaii, Paris, Rome, floating down the Congo, the pyramids, the Moon, most responses involved very practical places.

Most replies involved visiting family, going diving, or simply getting out of the valley. Why is that? My original question made no mention of money, distance, or difficulty reaching the destination. A person could have just as easily replied "the planet Neptune."

It's a new year, and past time to recharge. The gallery below offers a few exciting, and practical, vacation ideas. One might be precisely what you're looking for in 2023.

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