Another impressive luxury home in Grand Junction has been listed for sale, giving us another opportunity to see a custom build that may end up being your Colorado dream home.

A backyard pool is a dream come true for many on the western slope. This home goes a step further by including an enclosed and heated patio area next to the pool that includes a built-in grill.

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Check Out the Greatest Enclosed Patio in Grand Junction

There could be two feet of snow on the ground in the Redlands but you'll still be able to party on the patio at this home on 31 Road in Grand Junction. The built-in bbq grill makes this a second kitchen area as well as a great spot to entertain guests.

Enjoy the Backyard Pool and Waterslide

While the pool in these photos is covered while the home is up for sale, scroll on to see photos of the pool, waterslide, and backyard patio area. The home at 272 1/2 31 Road also has a hot tub inside. You'll also find a sprinkler system installed outside to keep the yard watered and looking great.

You Have Space for a Home Gym

The home includes office space and a gigantic 5-car garage. You'll even be able to tackle fitness with your own home gym/workout room. Scroll through the photos below to see the vibrant colors on the walls and tile flooring of the exercise area.

Grand Junction Home on 31 Road Features Space, Luxury, and Tranquility

This beautiful Grand Junction home features a backyard pool, a five-car garage, and over 6000 square feet on more than 4 acres of land. You'll also find an enclosed and heated patio with a built-in grill that serves as an outdoor kitchen.

MORE: Grand Junction Home on 26 Road Includes a Pool and Waterslide

Check out this cute mission-style home located off Patterson on 26 Road. This home includes a swimming pool with a water slide and diving board in the backyard. This six-bedroom, four-bathroom home offers over 4000 square feet of living space.

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