A couple of years ago Dunkin' Donuts came to town, and one of my co-workers could have camped out to be the first one to go inside. The interesting thing was they built a Comfort Dental next door.

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There are benefits to a donut place next to a dental office

You can have your sugar, then go have your teeth cleaned. That might take the edge off, many fear the dental chair, I've had more cavities than I'd like to admit.

How much do you love sugar?

I'll admit way too much! That's why I live at the dentists. When you are young you don't think about all the sugar you consumed unit the dentist says you have five cavities, in one visit. Ugh!

What would be the funniest businesses next door to each other?

Ice cream shops next to a gym, now that is true in some cities. Get in a great workout then reward yourself with ice cream, or the other way around. How about a bar next to a jewelry store? The jewelry store would love it. Buy your sweetie a gift to get out of the doghouse for coming home too late.

The next time you see funny neighboring businesses next to each other, there is probably a reason. And sometimes it's convenient.

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